Be A Brand In Demand So You Can Grow Your Business And Never Chase Clients Again!
​​​"Let​'s ​Make ​This ​Your ​Breakthrough ​Year!" 
Hey, I'm Louise...and ​I've ​got a question for you:
Are you wasting your precious time and energy OVERWHELMED with ideas & not taking the right actions to grow your income?

This is t​he #1 challenge facing most solopreneurs!
Today, there are more distractions, shiny objects and overpriced ​courses with no TRUE coaching than ever before!
​​If you don’t have a proven plan to follow and someone who has been there before to help you overcome the constant challenges and obstacles on your path to success...

​You will end up feeling helpless​, paralyzed and you won't create the success you desire.

​​How do I know?

I've been there, myself...

Constantly doubting if you are on the right path or not…

​Unable to quickly overcome the sticking points and road blocks that so many entrepreneurs can waste months or years with…

​​Constantly feeling confused and overwhelmed…

​And then, nothing gets done. No REAL progress is made in your business…

​No new leads on your list, no new cash flow comes in…

​And you end up with more time wasted in vein.

​Listen…you’re not alone!

​Most entrepreneurs ​today are trying to be everywhere on social media posting constantly and do you know what?

Living on social media.

Who has time for that? You didn't start your business to be working all crazy hours, right?

​Create a brand that’s in demand and you don’t have to get on this hamster wheel of grinding out videos of every second of your day!

Getting into your "Prolific Zone" will change all that for you.

Listen...I’m all for optimism, but let’s be real…

​If what you’ve been doing isn’t getting you where you want to go…
Doing More Of The Same…Yet Expecting Different Results...?
​I get why you’re stuck…

​Suffering from entrepreneurial ADD, analysis paralysis, overwhelm, confusion, frustration…

​​With no one to turn to for help…

Feels a bit like wandering around in the dark with no map, no flashlight, no real clue if you are going the right direction.

​Someone who will help you eliminate overwhelm…

Overcome your frustration and confusion…

​To help you FOCUS on your fastest path to success in a business you love!

Here’s Exactly What You Get…
In The Uncommon Brand Club we’ll take you through the 7 Phases of the Mastery framework.
Training #​​1:  A clear value proposition ($497 Value) - ​If you are not speaking to your audience in a clear concise way, you​ are confusing them and they will leave. This ​video course we will clarify your message...and give you the edge on your competition!
Training #​​2: Ascension Model ($297 Value) - Once your clients have worked with you, then what's next? If you aren't capitalizing on the journey of your customer, then you are missing a huge income stream. 
Training #​​3: A Repeatable Framework ($297 Value) - Your signature selling system is going to give you confidence with your program. Clients will understand how you are going to help them any why they should choose you as their guide. 
Training #​​4: Your Uncommon Brand Terminology  ($197 Value) - ​Differentiation in the online world is the key for success and you'll learn how to create terms that fit and create instant creditably for your brand.
Training #​​5: Expert Insights ($197 Value) - If you're in a competitive market then tapping into your expertise will help your ideal client understand instantly why you are different and why they need you to help them. 
Training #​​6: Revenue Generating Offers ($497 Value) - ​You'll understand the psychology behind creating an offer that converts. You'll feel confident about your pricing and your value and never second guess yourself again! 
Training #​​7: Brand Identification ($97 Value) - ​Become known for something! You want to be the ONLY one known for that ONE THING and be that go-to person. 
🗸 ​Monthly ​funnel review or Q&A webinars each month. ($997 Value) 
You can submit your opt in page, sales page, homepage or other to get feedback on your copy, strategy and offers! Plus you get to review the feedback from other members’ landing pages in other niches to spark new and unique ideas you can use!

Whatever you are dealing with, I’ve probably overcome a similar challenge or helped a client with that problem in the past. Take advantage of my experience to get a proven solution to your exact problem, FAST!

🗸 Full Community Access + Join Member Masterminds ($​497 Value) 
The masterminds are member-run groups that meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to help you stay accountable, build deeper relationships with other entrepreneurs who 'get you' and to get new insights and ideas about your business from other marketers on a similar path! Inside a community that cares about your success.

🗸 New Training's + Content Added All The Time! – ​The forum is my top location for posting my marketing strategies I'm testing and tweaking... and ​many times these ideas never make it to the podcast because they are for insiders only!

Be Prolific
Be Pursued
Be Prosperous
Louise had a tremendous impact on my business that really provided clarity that I desperately needed, to build my business to 6 figures" 
Jerry J Hunter
"This was one of the best decisions I made. I learned so much that it has changed how I think about my business. I wish I had learned these strategies much sooner.  It’s made all the difference in my business."
Janet Jaecksch
With my ongoing personal attention answering your questions in the forum, the ​member’s only live reviews each month plus the library of elite internet marketing trainings…
​​​I could easily charge $​5000​​...

​And many coaches who don’t offer the personal attention or live reviews would charge $​2997 for the training's alone…

​But I'm not in this to make more money, I want to ​turn you into a SUCCESS STORY!

​Plus making it that much would put out of reach​!

​Instead, you can access to the inner circle for just​…
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