How To Build Your Email List...
and get PAID while you do it!
Hey Friends!

I want to invite you to a FREE workshop on how 
to build your #1 Asset for your business your EMAIL list.

Here is what you can expect...
How To Create An Email List With or Without Your Own Product And Why Premium Pricing Is The Secret.

Why Building Your Business On A Social Platform Is Like Playing Musical Chairs.
Why Content Marketing, and Grinding Out Endless Videos is The WORST Way to Attract New Clients. 

The simple fact that you're here and reading this tells me that you’re a pretty smart CEO of your business. Why? 
Because you see that growing an email list is important... trust me, so many people don’t even understand just how important this is.
Starting your business was the best thing you've ever done for yourself. 

There are people looking for YOU to help them. They just can't find you because
it's harder now more than ever, to get noticed online.

You are both looking for each other and every month that goes by you find yourself in angst as to whether or not you will be able to keep going.  

Have you ever asked much longer can I do this? 

The reason it's not working is because everyone is telling you to post on social media 3X a day, create a Facebook group and create engagement. 

Now you need to do Insta-stories and answer all the DM's, the list goes on and on. 

If it doesn't get fixed then burnout will one can keep up the pace!

Here's the TRUTH, if you continue to do what you did last will be like that movie Ground Hog Day...nothing will change. 

In this workshop I am going to show you the 3 secrets to building your #1 ASSET that no one is talking about and your competitors don't want you to learn.  

Creating the business you had envisioned in the beginning, generating more than enough income that will give you more time and freedom for you and your family.  

Still need more details? It's alright, I've got ya!
It's 1 hr. Long Training!
You Have Questions
Wednesday Feb. 27th 
12:00 pm Eastern 
"I was on a content creation cycle!"
I was guided and coached by Louise which was a major contributor to my success. She was there to coach and mentor me. I built my #1 asset which was the key for me to creating more clients!

Marie Mosher
"I was struggling ..."
Louise had a tremendous impact on my business that really navigated me in the right direction and provided the clarity I desperately needed to build my first income stream.

                               J. J. Hunter
“This Was A Game Changer” 

This program gave me very specific strategies and tools for building my business. Louise is incredibly knowledgeable. She has a great ability to explain to others with less technical and professional sales experience.

                              Janet Jaecksch
Louise Courville left her sales coaching role in 2015 after a successful 16-year career in sales and marketing, where she coached her sales team to become award winners year after year.

"If you listen to my Girl Boss Coaches Podcast you already know that I give a tremendous amount of VALUE and you won't be disappointed in this FREE workshop either"

Louise helps women structure their business & coaches them from... simply surviving to predictably achieving their goals.
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