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Do you want to go from being invisible to being a Brand in DEMAND?
You want more Clients, more Collaborations more Authority in your business.
"Instead of trying to stand out, most simply try to be the “best” but when you’re competing with the best, this often just puts you among the status quo, giving you no opportunity to stand out."

You want it ALL… and you especially want it all because you want to be able to live a life you LOVE, doing what you LOVE, while creating more positive change, social impact, and overall adding more kindness and goodness to an otherwise often harsh world. 

But before you start spinning in circles asking yourself if you need to start learning how to grow your Instagram account, or trying to get on TV, or writing your website copy and building a sales funnel, let’s take a big, deep breath.

Because without building a brand, 
No one listens.
No one pays attention.
No one gives a sh@*!
Until you become known for're known for nothing. 
Starting your business was the best thing you've ever done for yourself. 

There are people looking for YOU to help them. They just can't find you because it's harder now more than ever, to get noticed online.

You are both looking for each other and every month that goes by you find yourself in angst as to whether or not you will be able to keep going.  

Have you ever asked much longer can I do this? 

The reason it's not working is because everyone is telling you to post on social media 3X a day, create a Facebook group and create engagement. 

Now you need to do Insta-stories and answer all the DM's, the list goes on and on. 

If it doesn't get fixed then burnout will one can keep up the pace!

Here's the TRUTH, if you continue to do what you did last will be like that movie Ground Hog Day...nothing will change. 

In 12-week Brand Igniters Coaching, I am going to show you exactly what you need to do to Be Booked Solid and have your peers clamoring to collaborate with you.  

Creating the coaching business you had envisioned in the beginning, generating more than enough income that will give you more time and freedom for you and your family.  

Get Visible
Being visible isn't about being on social media everyday. There are easier ways to make an impact without the constant hustle of posting 3X a day! 
Be Known
Getting really clear on your "one" thing and becoming the go-to person on that topic. This will get you more gigs like being on summits, speaking at events and being a guest on podcasts.
Get Clients
Call it what you want but I call it harmonious cycle...the more "visible" you are the more "known" you get the more "clients" you have! 
Still need more details?
Inside the 12-week Brand Igniter Program you'll build your 3-Part E.A.T framework...
  • CREATE an iconic brand that really focuses on your EXPERTISE. (we help you dial this in)
  • BUILD relationships and collaborations that creates AUTHORITY
  • Establishing your brand and TRUST factor. (Which gets you booked solid.)
  • CRUSH the impostor syndrome once and for all!
  • LEAVE the impact you REALLY wanna leave on this planet.
What you get inside Brand Igniters
($5,000 value)

Weekly one hour calls, so you can get your questions answered and really process the learning out loud with your fellow brand igniters.
Accompanying Worksheets
Templates + Swipe Files
($800 value)

Anchor in your learning with these quick assignments that will force you to get CLEAR on your story elements and structure. These PDFs are printable or fillable, depending on how you wanna roll..
($1500 value)

This is not just a student group; this is a space for learning and growth. I will be there to answer all of your questions, pop in for rapid-fire coaching, or simply cheer you on when you need a pep talk.
3 LIMITED Time Bonuses
Lead Igniter Kit
You don't have to a posting's a CLICK through problem. You need a lead generating strategy. 

There needs to be a process in place to turn fans and followers into buyers!

The Lead Igniter Kit is your fuel so you can...IGNITE YOUR BRAND 
and start getting your IDEAL clients OFF social media and booking sessions!
$497 Value
Brand Igniter Kit
It's not like it used to's a crowded market. 

To standout you need a blueprint to ignite your brand.

Use the Brand Igniter Kit for...
sales pages
website copy
video creation
FB Ads
social media
anywhere you create content!
$397 Value
2020 Content Igniter Calendar
1000+ Social Media Content Ideas

Creating content is about to get a lot easier and if you want, you can schedule it out to end of 2020!

What if you could - give the calendar to a VA and let them take that out of your hands all together?
Consider it done and ONE less thing you have to THINK about!! 
$297 Value
Total Value $8,495
For A LIMITED Time - Your Investment...
  • 12-Week Brand Igniter Coaching

  • 12-Week Brand Igniter Coaching

Join Now Before the Bonuses Go Away!
Once the doors close they won't be open again until 2020 
and Brand Igniters will increase in price! 
So let me ask you, do you want to increase TRAFFIC, build your LIST and create AUTHORITY in your business? 

If that's a HECK YES! Then don't miss out.
"I was on a content creation cycle!"
I was guided and coached by Louise which was a major contributor to my success. She was there to coach and mentor me. I built my BRAND message which is the key for me to getting more clients!

Marie M.  - Hartford Connecticut
"I was struggling ..."
Louise had a tremendous impact on my business that really navigated me in the right direction and provided the clarity I desperately needed to build my first income stream.

                    J. J. Hunter - Toronto Canada
“This Was A Game Changer” 

This program gave me very specific strategies and tools for building my business. Louise is incredibly knowledgeable. She has a great ability to explain to others with less technical and marketing experience.

                         Janis B - Cincinnati Ohio
Louise Courville left her sales coaching role in 2015 after a successful 16-year career in sales and marketing, where she coached her sales team to become award winners year after year.

"If you listen to my Girl Boss Coaches Podcast you already know that I'm a get to the point kinda person but I'm also a take action - get results strategy coach which you'll get as well as the accountability you need in my 12-week Brand Igniter Program."

Louise helps women structure their business & coaches them from... simply surviving to predictably achieving their goals.
This was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I learned so much that it has changed how I think about getting clients. I wish I had learned these strategies much sooner.  I appreciated the live teaching and I liked that there was a schedule because it kept me accountable.  Before Brand Igniters, building my business felt vague and seemed to lack a clear direction and getting clients is so much easier!    Janet J. - Golden Colorado
  • 12-Week Brand Igniter Coaching

  • 12-Week Brand Igniter Coaching

If You Follow the Steps In the Brand Igniters program you will have...
More Clarity.
More Clients.
More Authority.
More Collaborations.

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